Personal Storage Studios

We are a fully equipped rehearsal facility in Acton, West London. We can also provide secure storage space for instuments and equipment.

Band Rehearsals

We offer full backline and PA and our equipment comprises of 2 Guitar Amps, 1 Bass Amp, Full Drum Kit (not including snare or cymbals) & PA with microphones. Cymbal and/or snare hire is £5 per session.

Bookings 0208 740 1557

The studio is available from 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday. These are the booking rates:
1 Hour– £15.00 | 3 Hours – £40.00
6 Hours – £70.00 | 12 Hours – £120.00


Guitar Amps: Fender Frontman 212R Combo
Bass Amp: Marshall MB150 Combo
Drums: Premier Olympic Rock 22 Kit
PA/Mixer: Yamaha Stagepass 500
Mics: KAM KDM500


The studio is well connected to public transport and we also have a number of parking spaces available.

See the map below for more details.

Fill in the form below or call 0208 740 1557

54-58 Stanley Gardens,
W3 7SZ

Tel: 0208 740 1557
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Mon – Fri: 8.30am to 10.00pm
Saturdays: 9.00am to 10.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am to 4.00pm
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